Tobias Salzmann

Software Developer

Windows Subsystem for Linux: Changing the Shell

So, you installed the Windows 10 anniversary update and rushed directly to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux? If you wonder how to change the bash shell to another shell there is a simple way of doing it. chsh is not enough Running chsh is not enough, we need a little script that starts our desired shell for us. However, to keep the good practice we are setting the shell using chsh and execute the shell later: chsh -s /bin/sh $LOGNAME Executing the new shell from .bashrc We add this litte script to our ~/.bashrc: if [ $PPID == 1...

Open Command Window for Files

You might know a feature in Windows that allows you to open a command window in the current folder:I wanted a similar command for files, so I created one. It is using nothing than the integrated tools of Windows. Using a bit of vbscript and escaping:

HTML: t1 a copy and paste safe table

I recently found a problem in user experience on Firefox (and some Chrome versions). I was using a normal table syntax like this: <table> <tr> <td>Your Information</td> <td>Some Information details...</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Some More Important Information</td> <td>Moar information...</td> </tr> </table> As I tried to copy the contents of the second cell in my table, I got following data in my clipboard: Some Information details Notice the TAB char infront of the text? This appeared in Firefox only (for me). What is causing this problem? If you don’t know, there are three ways to select a text. Double / Triple click....